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My philosophy is to advance technology in education so that students and teachers become 21st century learners. It is essential for today’s teachers to know how to integrate technology into their curriculum, and create a PLN (Personal Learning Network), and equally important for students to create their own PLN so that learning is not just limited to the classroom. Instructional technology is not just about tools, but using the T-Pack model: technology, pedagogy, and curriculum. Students today do not know a world without technology, thus teaching them without technology is counter-intuitive. Technology needs to be accessible to students so that students are able to learn anywhere and anytime. Students use technology in their lives outside school, thus they need to be able to access the same technology in school. Technology is an avenue for students to become citizens of the world. My years of experience teaching students and teachers, as well as, the ongoing courses, conferences, and seminars I attend, gives me the perceptiveness and knowledge to work with teachers and students integrating technology into the classroom.



Check out my educational Wiki! It has links to Web 2.0 sites, and many other educational sites.

Digital Storytelling Site

Check out my Digital Storytelling Site! It has many digital storytelling ideas, examples, and tutorials.


Techformers Unite!

I'm proud to be one of the organizers and administrators of Techformers Unite!

As educators (of any form or fashion) we are constantly saving the world through various challenges! Join the Techformers Unite team to boldly take on technology challenges that increases the use of these tools in your classroom. If you are ready to be a part of the Techformers Unite group, you just need to join our group and start attempting the various challenges! These challenges can be completely done by you, or you can do them with the students that you work with! Remember that any challenges you complete and post about need to comply with your schools/district rules for posting pictures/information. You are in charge of keeping up with what challenges you complete when you fill out the Google Form at the end of the month! On other social media? Share using #TechformersU